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The skin`s aging process does not leave out any of us, and it reveals itself in a variety of signs such as wrinkles and spots, damage to the tone, lack of freshness and vitality. 

According to research, skin`s aging results largely because of exposure to sun`s rays and also because of genetic factors. The harm caused by sun rays is done by the free radicals which are stimulated by the ultraviolet sunlight. These rays have a destructive influence on all our body cells nevertheless the skin is the one that is exposed to the damage first.
Free radicals cause the continuous destruction of collagen and elastin fibers, these make up the elastic foundation which supports the skin and give it strength, firmness and elasticity. As a result, the cellular matrix weakens and looses its original structure and pattern. The damage affects also the fibroblast cells which manufacture the collagen and elastin fibers as well as additional skin components among them hyaluronic acid, used as a medium which absorbs water and leads to a smooth, firm and young skin. As a result of the oxidative damage over the years the quantity of hyaluronic acid decreases and the skin becomes wrinkled, saggy, tired looking and aged. 

With the passing of the years the skin looses elasticity, becomes thin and dry. In addition the appearance of hyper-pigmentation spots intensifies and the skin`s tone becomes uneven. Simultaneously, expression lines and wrinkles emerge and these intensify with time.
In the past years skin doctors, dermatologist and plastic surgeons, as well as the clients have come to understand that surgery is not the only way to break the skin`s aging process, and that surgery and injections of various fillers may bring firmness and flatten wrinkles, but does not successfully bring back the skin to its younger, fresher look. 

The good news is that research shows there are cosmetic ingredients that can not only delay the skin`s aging but can reverse the aging process that is already ongoing, fade wrinkles and bring back a youthful appearance – strengthen texture of the skin and make it fresher, more elastic. 

Holy Land Cosmetics research & development laboratories developed a variety of anti aging skin care formulations that have a proved efficiency, which concede the achievement of amazing long term results and show outstanding improvement in the skin`s aesthetics. 
Holy Land Cosmetics specializes in the development and manufacture of effective anti aging skin care products that bring about a dramatic improvement in the skin`s look. The company`s laboratory strives to develop anti aging skin care cosmetic products based on latest research in the field of anti aging and latest scientific technology in the cosmetics field. 

The formulations contain active ingredients, proven to have the power to make a real change in the skin – not only to delay the skin`s aging but also to reverse the aging process that has already started: to correct cellular damage, to rehabilitate and renew the skin texture, to significantly diminish wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation, to improve the skin`s tone and revert it to fresher and more elastic self. 

Effect after ONE TREATMENT with Holy Land Cosmetics Anti aging skin care products


THE AGE CONTROL line of products is formulated to treat and care for mature, aging skin and is especially active in slowing down the skin aging processes and in delaying the appearance of age signs.

The active ingredients sustain in the assimilation of collagen, elastin and inter-cellular material as well as preserve the moisture level in the skin, help in achieving a tightening and lifting effect for a younger and radiant look.

Thanks to the accumulative effect of the formulations, the performance of the products is both immediate, of tightening and smoothing as well as in the long term by addressing the hormonal imbalances in mature skin.

Active Ingredients: Phytoestrogens derived from Soy Beans and Wild Yam, plant Phytoproteins derived from Wheat and Soy Beans, Red Sea Algae, Spirulina, extracts such as Clover, Aloe Vera, Green Tea and more.

Age Control products will show:

  • A visible diminishing of existing age and stress signs such as expression lines, creases and wrinkles.
  • An increase in the production of collagen and elastin for a more supple, firm texture.
  • A significant lifting and “plumping” effect.
  • A well nourished and hydrated skin texture and less signs of hormonal imbalances characteristic of mature skin.


SUPER LIFT is a gentle exfoliator that renews the skin complexion and gives a noticeable tightening effect for a younger looking and radiant skin texture.

FIRMING SERUM, this stabilizing formulation helps in reducing expression lines, improves the skin’s compactness and gives a long-term lifting effect.

REBUILDING GEL, an excellent moisturizer, helps sensitive and mature skin get an instant lift and a smoother texture.

RENEWAL CREAM is a nourishing formulation containing high percentages of phytoestrogens and phytoproteins and helps the skin find its natural balance for a pleasant and healthy form.

We recommend combining the at home treatment products with an intensive professional, tightening treatment at the beauty salon which can include the LIFTING MASK.


A unique anti aging skin care product line, developed to treat mature complexions, that helps delay the skin`s aging process and age signs.
How does it work?
The product line is based on an innovative complex of plant hormones, extracted from soy beans and wild yam, which act similarly to the natural body hormones that aid in a renewed production of collagen, elastin, and intercellular material. At the same time the formulations contribute to the regulation of the skin`s moisture level, firming the complexion in order to achieve a younger and glamorous effect. Thanks to the cumulative effect of the anti aging active ingredients, the products deliver immediate firming and smoothing results alongside the long term benefits.
A unique Holy Land Cosmetics anti aging skin care product line that contains especially high concentrations of pure vitamin C; developed as a skin rejuvenation treatment to correct sun exposure damages and to rehabilitate premature aging signs. 
How does it work?
The product line contains as much as 15% ascorbic acid! The vitamin is absorbed deep into the skin layers, rebuilds the collagen fibers, successfully repairs damage caused by photo-aging and fades spots and expression lines. Regular application of the product line formulations brings to impressive improvement of the skin`s aesthetics, decreases the wrinkles` depth, illuminates hyper-pigmentation and brings back the skin` natural firmness.
The leading item is the C the Success Concentrated Vitamin C Serum which contains the overall highest concentration of topical, active vitamin C! The anti aging formulation is based on a unique patent –millicapsules, the encapsulation maintains the sensitive vitamin C fresh and active until application.
This patent was praised on the NBC network and the product was recommended by the prestigious magazines ELLE and VOGUE as one of the most effective cosmetic products in the treatment of wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation!


C THE SUCCESS products are based on an exceptionally high percentage of vitamin C, a powerful, natural anti-oxidant that: neutralizes free radicals; is effective in rehabilitating collagen and elastin production as well as slowing down the premature skin aging, overall improving the skin tone and texture. Each product contains additional active ingredients and complements the others for a natural and effective approach to a healthy, radiant skin.

Active Ingredients: L-ascorbic acid, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Sea Pine Bark and Chamomile extracts, Carrot oil and more.

C THE SUCCESS products will show:

    • A delay in the appearance of premature aging signs and a visible reduction of existing age and stress signs with a clear decrease in creases’ depth.
    • The skin will be suppler, with a firm texture velvety to the touch.
    • Improves pigmentation problems giving the skin a uniform and lighter tone.
    • Dry, weak and skin suffering from environmental stress is quickly rehabilitated.

Scars and marks, for example post acne or after surgery scars, recede.


CONCENTRATED NATURAL VITAMIN C SERUM contains, overall the highest concentration of topical active vitamin C, with over 15% of vitamin C active in the serum and in air-tight encapsulation to preserve its efficiency. This is a unique patent that maintains the sensitive vitamin C fresh and active until its applied on the skin for an increased efficiency of the formulation.

CLEANSER is gentle and effective in the removal of cellular debris and make-up without over-drying or irritating the skin.

CREAM complements the serum in improving the overall skin texture as well as providing moisture and nourishment.

EYE SERUM targets the delicate areas around the eyes and diminishes the depth of wrinkles as well as treats saggy skin and crows feet.

An active product line formulated for the renewal and restoration of the skin that enables impressive cosmetic results.
How does it work?
The formulations contain blends of various active concentrations of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids with Retinol and vitamin C, which complement each other and stimulate the exfoliation of the upper layer of the skin, increase the production of new cells and thicken the skin, as well as in the long term successfully bring about the continuous improvement in the look of wrinkles. 
The product line is made up of products formulated for the professional treatment in skin care clinics (including professional exfoliation treatments) and also products that complete the skin care regimen at home. Regular application of the products enables an improvement of the skin`s texture, illuminates sun and age spots, improves elasticity and helps fade expression lines.
One of the most advanced and breakthrough product lines formulated in the field of anti aging skin care its goal is to slow down the harmful processes that cause the skin`s aging and to give a perfect answer to the treatment of mature skin. 
The product line represents the merger of three domains – nature, science and technology- a unique blend that allows make out the most of the benefits from each domain and gives mature skin a perfect three zone treatment – face, eye area, neck & décolleté- according to the specific, unique needs of each area.
How does it work?
The product line combines natural botanical ingredients, well known in traditional medicine for hundreds of years and proven in cosmetic para-pharmaceutical research as especially effective for the health of the skin and maintaining it young looking, with modern scientific technology. Regular use of the products firms and tightens the complexion, improves the skin`s structure and functionality and delays the skin`s aging while suffusing with moisture and nourishment.
This revolutionary anti aging product line represents the new generation of anti-wrinkle formulations. The formulations developed especially for wrinkled complexions diminish wrinkles, protect and strengthen the skin and balance its moisture level. The formulations are an effective alternative to Botox injections against wrinkles. 


The principle behind the PHYTOMIDE line of products is the treatment of mature skin that shows dryness, cracked skin and sagginess by “blocking” the loss of moisture and increasing it as well. The formulations contain a high concentration of Phytelene Complex and of natural Olive Oil both effective in delaying premature aging of the skin and stimulating the renewal of the collagen and elastin fibers in order to achieve flexibility and softness. Additional natural ingredients help in regulating and maintaining the moisture and nutrition well balanced especially in dry skin.

Active Ingredients: Ceramides, Phytelene Complex; Olive, Borage Seed and Sweet Almond oils; Citric Acid, Wheat Germ and additional plant extracts.

PHYTOMIDE products will show:

  • A balanced and hydrated skin with no signs of irritations or flakiness and a restored softness.
  • A firmer, suppler and younger looking skin.
  • Less visible aging signs and a delay in the appearance of creases and wrinkles.


FOAMING GEL CLEANSER a very delicate cleanser that softens the skin without drying or irritating and can be used in the eye area.

FACE LOTION enriched with plant extracts leaves the skin highly refreshed.

PLANT EXTRACT CAPSULES contain concentrated extracts and vitamins, to further boost the effect of diminishing wrinkles and aging signs while safeguarding a high moisture level in the epidermis to leave skin feeling smooth, velvety and pleasant to the touch.

RICH MOISTURIZING CREAM strengthens the skin’s protective tissue and further enriches the skin’s natural moisture.

INTENSIVE CREAM is a rich, easily absorbed, nourishing formulation to restore the skin’s vitality.

EYE CONTOUR MASK fights the appearance of expression lines and creases and it also diminishes swelling and sagginess reducing sensitivity in the eye area.

NOURISHING MASK rejuvenates the skin and restores the skin tissue to a younger and improved self

How does it work?
The product is based on a unique blend of peptides which aid achieve a relaxed, natural complexion and achieve a great improvement in the look of expression lines and wrinkles without any side effects. Thanks to the cumulative effect of the active ingredients the effectiveness of the products is long term and routine use of the products brings about impressive results.
This multi-vitamin serum is one of the most potent, rich in essential vitamins topical formulations designed as a unique product which blends 6 essential vitamins A, E, F, H & K and vitamin B complex, for advanced moisturizing. The millicapsules system – unique and exclusive, developed by Holy Land Cosmetics, allows to preserve all the essential vitamins in one formulation and to maintain them active until application.
How does it work?
The essential vitamin complex in the serum plays key roles in the skin`s aging processes. The vitamins are absorbed into the skin and daily application will slow down the processes that harm the skin and will successfully correct and rejuvenate the complexion. 
The serum acts as a booster to the activity of the regular creams or as an individual skin care product which leaves the skin smooth, beautiful and radiant. Daily application of the formulation rehabilitates, strengthens, nourishes and moisturizes the complexion, aids in the cellular renewal and collagen build up processes, bestows the complexion with a firmer texture and decreases the depth of wrinkles.


MULTI-VITAMIN SERUM is a unique, vitamin cocktail for a healthy skin. The formulation, intensively nourishes, rehabilitates and strengthens the skin with the aid of active vitamins, air-tightly encapsulated for further effectiveness and delivered along with an advanced moisturizing serum. The skin profits by being revitalized, nourished and rejuvenated.

Active Ingredients: vitamins A, C, E, F, H; Allantoin, Sweet Almond Milk, plant extracts such as Green Tea, Chamomile, Mint, Licorice and more.


  • An increased cellular turnover as well as an increase in collagen production for a well nourished, hydrated and healthier skin tone and texture.
  • Free radical damage is effectively diminished.
  • A decrease in the appearance of premature aging signs and redness associated with rosacea.
  • A light lifting effect and a firmer and stronger skin texture.


VITAMIN A increases the cell proliferation process, prevents dryness, slows down the aging process and helps rehabilitate the skin cells.

VITAMIN C is a natural anti-oxidant, effective in delaying the aging process and lightening the skin tone, improving the overall tone and texture.

VITAMIN E is a natural anti-oxidant protecting against free radicals, delays the aging process and moisturizes the skin.

VITAMIN H balances the skin’s cutaneous equilibrium preventing rough and dry skin texture.

VITAMIN F strengthens the cell membrane and the skin cells’ natural processes delaying from premature aging signs.

THE B COMPLEX contained in the serum, alongside various soothing plant extracts further encourage the cellular turnover and improves the skin’s natural self-protection.

An anti aging skin care product line that contains an active concentration of coenzyme Q10 and restores the skin`s natural cellular energy, stimulates the exchange of intercellular material and effectively prevents skin aging.
How does it work?
Coenzyme Q10 works as a potent antioxidant which neutralizes the damage cause by free radicals to the skin cells, it holds a key role in stimulating the level of energy in the epidermis cells and their renewal and to the production of collagen. 
In addition, the anti aging formulations are enriched with botanical ingredients to improve the moisture level and complete the skin` needs. Regular use helps delay the skin`s aging process, improves the look of fine lines and wrinkles, gives the skin elasticity, vitality and prevents dryness.


THE RENEW FORMULA products contain a highly and more effective concentration of active Alpha Lipoic Acid, considered to be a universal anti-oxidant which when blended with essential vitamins and anti-oxidant plant extracts come to the aid of a regular skin cell activity for a younger looking complexion.

Active Ingredients: Alpha Lipoic Acid, Seabuckthorn and Wheat Germ oils; Pine Bark Tree, Green Tea, Ginkgo Biloba extracts and more as well as vitamins A & E.

RENEW FORMULA products will show:

  • A skin protected from free radicals, caused by harmful environmental factors.
  • An outstanding delay in the appearance of premature aging signs such as expression lines and creases.
  • A better cohesion of the skin cells with better flexibility and firmness.
  • A well nourished and hydrated, smooth skin.

HYDRO-SOFT is a lightweight moisturizer, easily absorbed without leaving an oily sheen on the skin.

BALANCING SOAP is gentle on the skin and highly effective in rebalancing the skin’s pH level to its natural best.

NOURISHING CREAM is rich in active ingredients to give a boost of energy.

RENEWING MASK is a soothing formulation that helps in achieving a tightening effect and an improved skin texture.

MAGIC DROPS is a blend of concentrated natural plant oils, very effective as an instant skin smoother and firmer. It leaves the skin feeling re-energized, silky and glowing.



ALPHA-BETA WITH RETINOL are active products, especially formulated for the restoration, repair and renewal of the skin. All the products contain various blends of concentrated natural AHA & BHA, Retinol and vitamin C. The success of the products lays in a dual concurrent skin care, first phase consists of a professional skin treatment to renew the skin and the second phase consists of daily care at home to continue the restoration and repair for the final desired result of young, beautiful and healthier complexion.

Active Ingredients: Natural Fruit Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid(BHA), Retinol, vitamin C (in multiple forms), Green Tea extract and more.

ALPHA-BETA WITH RETINOL products will show:

  • The skin’s aesthetics is greatly improved due to a gentle yet consistent exfoliation and to a stimulation of the natural skin renewal process.
  • Expression lines and creases fade.
  • A visible brighter and more uniform, elastic skin tone as well as more vital and energized fresh look.
  • A tightening effect with a stronger and rejuvenated skin tone and texture.
  • For skin prone to acne there is a great improvement in the skin’s condition and a rebalancing of the epidermis. The depth and visibility of scars and marks is greatly reduced with the aid of professional Alpha-Beta & Retinol treatment.


PREPPING LOTION prepares the skin for an increased absorption of active ingredients and it helps maintain the skin balanced daily in different skin conditions.

DAY DEFENSE CREAM is both highly moisturizing and protective; formulated with a milder blend of active ingredients regulates and up keeps the skin’s texture and tone.

RESTORING CREAM is the active, balancing formulation that helps in the rehabilitation of the skin, maintaining the complexion young looking and smooth.

BRIGHTENING MASK improves the cellular turnover and noticeably brightens the skin’s tone keeping it looking fresh and healthy.

BRIGHTENING DROPS is an active blend, especially formulated to even out the skin tone and bestow the complexion with a uniform tone, it eliminates hyper-pigmentated areas that are a direct result of exposure to sun and the aging process.